How to Leverage Ecommerce Softwares to Grow Your Business


Starting a business is always a challenging endeavor. Growing it is even more difficult.

We usually over think and make business a difficult task to overcome than it already is.

We think of over the top strategies and very advanced marketing campaigns, do a lot of research just to end up complicating our product lines, and worst, spending more time than needed on things that we believe to be far more important than others.

Sure, these are all factors and issues that need to be addressed anytime soon. But all these issues shrink into insignificance compared to the one aspect of your business that influences the biggest part of your success.

That aspect? The time you spent daily on improving your sales process.

Here’s what many owners usually believe and do, in order to grow their business:

  • Spend time each day micromanaging staff members to ensure a coherent workflow with all the team members.
  • Pontificating over and over about each detail of each product in the inventory.
  • Supervise every administrative task in the office.

And here’s what successful and big businesses do every day to grow their businesses:

  • Improve the selling process to be better than the long list of competitors out there.

When you see the difference, the time spent on trivial things versus the time spent on what really contributes most to success is actually the turning point in growing your business. Time and time again has proven that quality product line is not all there is in making that big break in your business. In fact, the world has been a witness to countless companies with great products, but are struggling to survive in the market competition.

It all boils down to one thing – how well you sell your products and the way you talk to your customers.

Luckily, you don’t have to toil much to improve your selling points and increase customer engagement in your online store.

There’s always help.

Here’s a list of some issues focused on selling points that you might be encountering now or in the near future. It would be wise to take these into consideration.

  1. Diversify Your Platforms

Your eCommerce website store is not only the point of entry for your growing sales transactions. And your customer reach is not only limited to what your website store reaches. Increase your sales by diversifying your platforms:

  • Create other versions of your website store in major social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc.
  • Connect your website stores to as many marketplaces as possible – Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, etc.

Q: How to do this?

A: Choose an enterprise eCommerce solutions provider that allows your business to connect to major social media platforms and big marketplaces. If you don’t have much knowledge in implementing this properly, seek a social media consultant to guide you along the way. Asking for help has always been a key to success. Major enterprise eCommerce platforms provide this integration – Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Demandware.

  1. Reduced Abandoned Cart Statistics

This is actually an issue in every eCommerce business. Each abandoned cart is a potential paying customer in your website store. Enterprise level eCommerce platforms always include an extension or built-in function to address this issue.

You can integrate this in your email marketing campaign. Other plug-ins have built-in templates along with appealing content to entice your customers back to your website store and complete the abandoned cart.

  1. Increase Your Email Subscribers

Did you know that email is one of the best available channels that you can leverage in your online marketing campaign? In fact, according to the latest studies and research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, email reaches a high ROI of 4,300%. And 70% of people who receive coupons, discounts, and other promos via email, actually take advantage of the promos.

To increase your email subscribers and improve your sales, make an appealing landing page in your website store or in the other platforms that you have. Hire a proven graphic designer to implement your ideas about your desired landing page. If you’re currently using Shopify, you can take advantage of this process by using Email Pirate.

  1. Invest More on Your Ads Budget

A proven ads-strategy always delivers results, thereby improving your sales revenue. If your enterprise website store is just relatively new, experimenting a few ads-strategies and finding out which one is the best way forward, is also a better plan.

Integrate Google Analytics in your eCommerce website store to better understand different metrics that can provide you with baseline data in planning a better ads-campaign. This will allow your website store to gain organic traffic by simply being displayed in Google SERPs.

Look for an extension or application that you can integrate with your Google Analytics account and start from there. All enterprise eCommerce platform today already include this feature in their system.

  1. Ensure that Your Website Store has a Responsive Design

A big percentage of online traffic is now from mobile – smartphones, tablets, etc. If you don’t have this yet, now is the high time to implement this! Make sure that your current enterprise eCommerce plan supports this feature for your website store.

Your customers would not want a website that is not functioning well when opened from mobile devices. Increased customer engagement will also result from this.

  1. Speak to Your Customers in their Native Language

If you’re targeting regions across the globe, it is always expected that certain group of people does not understand English well. Being able to communicate with your customers in their native language increase customer engagement in your website store.

Make sure that your current enterprise eCommerce platform is providing this kind of service.

Some Few Points to Ponder

Whatever issue you may be encountering right now with your enterprise eCommerce store, always make it a point to consider these questions:

  • Is this related to how I can improve my selling points online?
  • If yes, is this urgent and needs immediate resolution?
  • How can this issue benefit me after I resolved this?
  • Can I outsource this issue to a professional who can better resolve this?

The point is that, you should prioritize issues that concerns your selling process. This is where you should be spending more of your time daily.

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