Enterprise Ecommerce Platform

Are you scaling up your business structure? Is your current eCommerce platform having some issues with your new customizations? Is your sales revenue way above your current projections?

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Ecommerce Solutions: 3dCart

While price and ease of use are usually what a merchant considers before creating an online marketplace, business developers with more experience in web design take other facets

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eCommerce Platforms: Magento

Magento Enterprise offers more than its competitors in the way of options. Shopify Pro has a features list that is a bit on the side of frivolous and is more limited than Magento Enterprise.

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Enterprise eCommerce Solutions: Shopify Plus


A Breakdown of one of the Best Online Marketplace Providers

Since the boom of ecommerce, Shopify and Shopify Plus have always ranked as the number one choice of most online vendors. While the Shopify package is known for being a small business’ best friend, their platform is suitable for a business of any size, offering Shopify Plus for enterprises and other large companies. They specialize in ease of access, allowing the merchant to create and manage a seamless and efficient online marketplace, without having to worry about the “online” part as much.

With a rudimentary understanding of web design and online infrastructure, it’s a simple task for a merchant to craft a subversive marketplace experience. However, this is not indicative of an optimal platform, nor is it the only reason Shopify Plus is constantly regarded as one of the best enterprise ecommerce platforms available.

It’s imperative for an Enterprise Ecommerce Solution to be flexible and provide the necessary support for growth. Shopify’s platform has high reviews for their customer service.

Shopify as A Company

The Shopify Platform excels in all these areas, offering two different versions to compensate for the size of the business in question. The traditional Shopify platform comes in three packages; basic, traditional, and Advanced. Basic is for the merchant starting a new business, offering an unlimited number of products and cloud based storage for all of your files at 30 dollars a month.

Once you’ve established your business and become familiar with the nuances of Ecommerce, you move on to the traditional package. For $70, you are afforded the extra options of accepting gift cards and receiving professional reports on your activity to better monitor and predict the trajectory of your business.

Growth & Beyond

Once your business begins to reach the pinnacle of its growth and you have to start assessing the factors that need to change for you to grow more, the advanced package becomes “necessary”. While it does allow for larger volumes of smoother traffic and more channels to conduct business, the price jump to 300 dollars can be understandingly intimidating. Plus, depending on the scale of your business, Shopify could be more suited to your needs.

Offering an Omni Channel Interface, Shopify Plus allows a merchant to communicate with the consumer on virtually any platform, making the opportunities for ecommerce extremely expansive.

Retail services are included in the package to ensure that the merchant can sell merchandise both virtually and physically. With unlimited storage and bandwidth, their hosting services are hard to beat, offering seamless and efficient service at large sales volumes. By hosting domain names in servers compliant with level 1 DSS security, Shopify Plus offers the most secure hosting services, utilizing the best in cyber protection to assure the merchant can minimize risk.

The Shopify app store, along with the well-integrated software, allows you to customize your experience heavily, adding a host of additional features, as well as allowing you to link your interface with other Point of Sale Systems, Retail Systems and whatever other add-ons you already had for your business.  Shopify Plus much like its predecessors permit the hosting of all other marketplaces on the site itself as well as having full integration for monitoring your sales across major marketplaces such as Ebay & Amazon from the dashboard itself.

 Because of their secure system, Google analytics supported reports, and customizable software, web giants like Wikipedia and Reddit have utilized their services to create their own online marketplaces, combining the successful interfaces to create some amazing experiences. Even google worked with Shopify Plus to craft the Enterprise Ecommerce Solution for the widely recognized restaurant reviewer Zagat, citing the increased functionality, heightened security and ease of use for all as their reasons for choosing Shopify Plus over any other platform.

But while Shopify Plus may seem like the optimal option for the enterprise owner trying to craft an online marketplace, for the small or family business owner that has a specific plan on how to scale, Shopify can be a little intimidating. Its higher costs can quickly become a detriment to companies that are not at the level recommended.

It can feel like there’s a push on growing your business to their specifications, especially with the different packages for each step.

There’s no doubt that Shopify Plus is one of the best Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions, if not the best. But the biggest part of choosing an ecommerce solution is understanding what platform best supports the specific ramifications of your business.

If you need guided, yet unlimited scaling, the best security, and limitless sales volume, then Shopify Plus is your best option.  As always, understanding your company’s budget for a platform will help make the most informed decision, because overextending for the purpose of growth is a limb that many don’t profit from.